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How Focus Works

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How does the modern social context affects our decision-making and approach to self-improvement? An engaging audio book from best-selling author.

  • Narrated By: Christopher Jones
  • Duration: 6 Hours, 32 minutes
  • File Size: 220MB
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Mixer’s decision to gift two free months of subscriptions to Blevins’ channel is an attempt to bring as many people over to the platform in as short a time as possible. But after that period runs out, the price will jump to at least $5. 99 a month. (Mixer streamers can also earn money through the platform’s Sparks currency, similar to Bits on Twitch. ).

Still, if Blevins continues growing at this rate, he might just break a few of his old records. He previously amassed more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube in just one month last year, during his meteoric rise alongside Fortnite. It’s a combination of neutralizing a competitor and improving Facebook, Zuckerberg said in a reply. “There are network effect around social products and a finite number of different social mechanics to invent. Once someone wins at a specific mechanic, it’s difficult for others to supplant them without doing something different.”

1 review for How Focus Works

  1. johnfraskos

    Absolutely fantastic read, highly recommended!

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